Description and illustrative images for future photo sessions

1.  Fashion-style Lingerie

Elegant, sexy and/or provocative lingerie photographed in fashion style.

2.  Swimwear, Beachwear and Summer wear

Fashion style swimwear, beachwear and summer wear photoshoot taking place at a summer outdoor location such as a beach or a swimming-pool.

3.  Nude Beauty

Identical to regular high-end beauty photography with the model posing topless.

4.  Glamour and Boudoir

Warm glamour, lingerie and nude photoshoot at an indoor location such as a cosy or luxury apartment. Although boudoir refers mainly to a bedroom, this photoshoot can also extend to a living-room and a bathroom.

5.  Topless Jeans

6.  Studio Nudes

7.  Bodyscapes

Since bodyscapes focus on parts of the female body excluding the face, this theme may be suitable for both nude models as well as other models who are curious about experiencing a nude photoshoot while keeping their anonymity.

8.  Glamour and Nude Duo

However tasteful, this photoshoot involves some sensual (possibly lightly erotic) interactions between models and therefore is suitable for models who are playful and truly enjoy working with other female models.