Bruno de Thysebaert

Originally from Brussels - Belgium and currently living in Prague - Czech Republic. I have been active for 15 years as a professional in the field of international business development and executive recruitment. I am currently working as Partner in charge of Central & Eastern Europe and Russia for iMinds Mobile APPs.

I came to photography a few years ago while living in the Russian region and looking for a new hobby as my main one (golf) wasn't available. This new hobby became a true passion and I had the chance to meet and collaborate with some amazing people throughout Europe.

Having lived in cities throughout Europe such as Brussels, London, Kiev, Minsk and Prague, I am a naturally open person who is able to communicate in french, dutch, english, russian and some spanish.

Besides photography, some of my other interests include golf (hcp 5) and motor racing with the wish to set up a team for endurance racing events like the VW Fun Cup.